Jumpack Affiliates Program

Commission Structure

Become an affiliate recruiter

As a Jumpack affiliate you are entitled to 10% commission on all sales resulting from your marketing activity. While we expect our affiliates to generate a fantastic income, we have added an additional income stream for our top tier affiliate team.


Increase your commission

If you know or identify a rider that you feel would be a good ambassador for our brand, a rider that has a strong audience base (in excess of 75,000 people), you can nominate them as a second tier affiliate. If accepted, this new affiliate will receive 9% commission on all sales generated by their content with 1% of their commission being added to your account as their nominee. So for example, if you find 5 riders you feel would be suitable and all are accepted, you will receive 10% on all sales generated by you, and then a further 1% on their combined sales.


Your personal posts generate 50 unit sales per month which delivers £1,199.95 in direct commission.

The 5 riders you nominated each generate 20 sales per month totalling 100 sales.

Each rider receives £431.99 (9% of total sale value) in commission for that month, with a further £239.99 (1% of total sale value) added to your personal affiliate account.

Total commission generated for the month becomes £1,439.94 (£1199.99 + £239.99)

These nominated affiliates may also have the opportunity to become top tier affiliates and be able to recruit their own riders to increase their commission and earnings.

To nominate a rider simply click the 'Nominate Affiliate'  button on your affiliate log-in page.