A new way to play..

A Jumpack portable BMX kicker means that you can make the most of every location. Create a new place to play everywhere you go.  With a Jumpack, you will start to look at your surroundings differently. 

connor bar spin.jpg


Unlike other BMX ramps, Jumpack has an integral Patented suspension system and strategically placed grip pads to make sure it will hold its position when you hit it. So feel free to spin, wall ride, whip and 360 out of it. This ramp's as rad as you are...

phil jump.jpg

BMX & Mountain Bike

Jumpack is designed as a MTB & BMX ramp and is long enough to cover the wheelbase of most bikes. So whether you want to pop-up and grind that high rail, or whip across a gap into that sweet down slope.. Jumpack is the bike ramp for every situation..