Extreme Sports is a very dangerous activity and should only be attempted when all relevant safety measures have been considered. Jumpack advises that participants should always wear personal safety equipment including helmet and pads before engaging in activity. Given the inherent dangers and injuries associated with participating in Extreme Sports, Jumpack can accept no responsibility for injuries resulting from learning or engaging in this activity. By continuing to use this product, Jumpack assumes the customers understanding of this statement.

Who Can Use It?


Users of non-motorised vehicles including; Skateboard  / BMX / MTB / Inline Skate / Scooter / Snow Board

Educational purposes - single location without requirement for transportation (using the ramp in sections to learn the technique of getting air safely) – Kids aged 10 and up.

Educational purposes and transportation to location for use – Although designed to be carried by the user, users under the age of 12 years may find it heavy. It is advised that parents should not allow their young children to carry this product unless they are certain that their child is capable, and comfortable carrying this weight.

User Weight - Jumpack is designed for users up to a maximum weight of 90kg / 14st / 198lbs. Structural warranty will be invalid if used by riders in excess this weight.

How To Use It

Warranty & Returns

Jumpack is purely a launch or take-off ramp. It is not designed to handle the impact and stresses of a landing ramp. Using Jumpack as a landing ramp may lead to damage and potential injury. Broken parts that are deemed to be the result of miss-use will not be covered under warranty.

Jumpack has a unique deployment procedure; deviation from this procedure can result in damage to the working parts of the product. Please see product instructions before attempting to deploy for the first time, as damage resulting from mis-use will not be covered under warranty. (Replacement parts are available to purchase if required but won't be necessary if you read the instructions) Please see back of packaging for instructions. 

If separating the Jumpack down into a 2 or single stage setting, please ensure when reattaching that connecting bolts are on the correct thread before tightening. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THESE BOLTS, A SLIGHT 'NIP' IS SUFFICIENT, OVER TIGHTENING WILL CAUSE DAMAGE TO WORKING PARTS AND DEEMED AS MISUSE.

When deploying the ramp, the large and middle support legs can be allowed to open automatically under the pressure of the gas strut. If doing this, please ensure that hands and fingers are kept clear of the leg pivot points to avoid potential nips or injury.


Grip & Positioning

When in use, always ensure that the Jumpack is positioned on level ground with all foot & grip pads contacting naturally with the ground.

The foot & grip pads that contact with the ground are moulded from a soft rubber compound to ensure great grip on all surfaces. Like tyres and shoes, these will wear over time and will need to be replaced at intervals to maintain optimum grip and slide resistance.

Do not use a Jumpack with missing grip or damaged foot pads as this could potentially result in the ramp sliding during use and potential injury.

Jumpack is designed to be used in all conditions, however, tyre or wheel compound can greatly influence grip levels for different users. Always test your grip levels in wet conditions before going big.

When using on snow, the foot pads can be pushed a few centimetres into the snow to lock the ramp into position.



 Some parts including foot & grip pads, gas struts, leg check straps; are engineered to be replaced when damaged, stretched or worn. Check your ramp regularly for signs of wear and tear, if you suspect a part, or parts of the ramp are no longer in optimum condition, cease using the ramp immediately and order replacement parts. Using a ramp with worn parts may lead to failure and potential injury.


Replacement Parts

If you have damaged or broken parts that are not a result of the activity outlined about, please contact our warranty department at warranty@jumpack.com