Where can I buy a Jumpack?

It is available to buy directly from the site but will also be available from stores world wide. Watch this space for further information on our stockists.


How heavy is it?

We have used a combination of composites to ensure that it can be carried by users as young as 10 years old. It will weigh about as much as the average school bag.

I am new to biking and want to learn how to jump, how hard is it to change the height of the ramp.

It's really easy, just turn the ramp on it's side and remove the higher sections with an allen key. It will only take 30 seconds.

What do the gas struts do?

They perform two functions. The main function is that they absorb most of the impact as the rider hits the ramp ensuring that the ramp does'nt slide or move in any way. This has always been a major issue with the cheap plastic 'box' type ramps, hit them too hard and they move out of your way. The second function they perform is the 'self-deployment' of the legs. Once the legs are moved out of the stowed position, they will continue to open until they are in the open position ready for use.

How strong is it, can adults use it?

The short answer is yes, it's very, very strong. We had an aerospace engineering company perform Finite Element Analysis on the design to identify exactly how strong it is and discovered that it is four to five times as strong as it needs to be. We understand that the ramp will have a hard life and it has been designed to take whatever you can throw at it.

Can any action camera be attached to it?

As the cameras are attached by a separate clip, we plan to have a clip for every popular action camera on the market.

Will the ramp move during use?

As explained in another question, the ramp has a built-in shock absorption system incorporating two separate suspension struts which take out most of the impact which would cause the ramp to move. In addition to this we have super grippy rubber feet on each of the legs and a selection of grip pads that 'bite' into the ground as soon as your wheels hit the ramp.

Can you attach two Jumpacks together?

That is a very good question and the answer is that you can attach as many ramps together as you like. If you have ten ramps they can all be connected to form one large trick ramp or take off ramp. Two ramps together make a perfect jump ramp for Mountain Boarders for example.

How much will it cost?

We are waiting on the final production costs to be confirmed but it looks very likely that we will come in under our target price of £239 stg.

Does the ramp have a grippy surface, can I use it in the rain?

Yes, we are manufacturing it in such a way that a textured surface will be moulded into the surface to make sure your wheels don't slide on take off in any weather.

Can it be used on all surfaces?

Absolutely, you can use The Jumpack on any surface, tarmac, concrete, dirt, grass even snow! When we say 'Get Air Anywhere' we mean it.

Hi, I'm only 13 years old, will the harness fit me?

Yes, the harness is fully adjustable so will fit users of all sizes and ages.

I think this is such a cool product, are you afraid that someone will copy it?

Thanks so much, we think it's cool too! The ramp has been in development for almost ten years and during that time we have considered just about every way possible to make it, before finally settling on the best design. However, we have included all of the other design alternatives in our Patent so it will be quite difficult for a competitor to copy the concept with infringing on our Patent.

Can I pre-order a Jumpack to make sure I get one of the first ones?

We do plan to accept pre-orders as we know that there are lot of people eager to get their hands on one. We will update everyone through the website once we work out how we plan to provide this facility.

Do they come in any other colours?

At the moment we are only planning to bring them out in black, but we're not ruling out other colours at some point in the future.