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It's a New Time For In-Line..

In-line skaters the world over are getting pretty excited about Jumpack. While every skater has their favorite spot to play, with a Jumpack portable skate ramp you will be able to create skate spots everywhere you go. A Jumpack mini-ramp makes the high rail accessible or that gap possible. You'll be able to practice your tricks at a location of your choosing and if the weather turns bad, simply move on and redeploy your portable ramp in a place that offers shelter so the jumping can continue. Many riders are even using their Jumpack at the skatepark to enhance the natural features, with a Jumpack ramp the possibilities are endless. And at only 6kg, you can wear it as you skate from location to location, a ramp that literally goes everywhere you go.


If you own a Jumpack the only limitation is your imagination.



With the Jumpack Portable Skate Ramp