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Jumpack action from Nigeria with the Lagos BMX Crew

Watch training session with emmanuel samuel and starboy_bmx

Mike Fede

Watch one of YouTubes top BMX riders put his new Jumpack to the test!

Max Peters

Australian Scooter rider Max Peters tells it as he sees it.


Instagram scooter sensation Scoot2Street takes Jumpack onto the streets of France.

Andrew Zamora

Pro Scooter rider Andrew Zamora rides a Jumpack for the first time.

Hing Leung

MTB Mud Team Manager Hing Leung and his Jumpack hit the streets of Hong Kong.


The TipsBMX are back with one of the most awesome video's yet. Hold your breath for a huge Jumpack long-jump competition.

John Hill

New York skate legend John Hill gets to grips with a Jumpack on the streets of New York. Can he make it slide?


One of Youtube's bibbest BMX stars Adriel Torres gets creative on the streets of Spain to review and test the Jumpack.


The Milosz_BMX channel takes you through a detailed unboxing of a brand new Jumpack. Check out the teaser for his action review at 7m55s.







The Milosz_BMX Channel get crazy creative in a local skatepark. Wow!




Jon Reyes

NYC Scooter star Jon reyes reviews the Jumpack! He has a lifelong hatred of plastic ramps. Can we change his opinion?

Spencer Foresman & Chase Pauza at Woodward

Spencer Foresman & Chase Pauza take Jumpack to the limit at Woodward! This is a Must See movie!

Jamie Hull

Scooter Jedi Jamie Hull catches some air time with his new Jumpack.

Garrett Reynolds

The TIPSBMX team and 2018 Vans Gold medal winner Garrett Reynolds organise a Jumpack Jump-off! BMX BIG AIR!