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Jumpack is already causing some crazy excitement in the Scooter world! We currently have a few of the worlds most talented riders joining our affiliates team (more news on this later). They have all fallen in love with our product for the same reason. The opportunities that it creates. Can you imagine that every time you see a perfect place to play, you could just close your eyes and a ramp would appear as if by magic? A Jumpack essentially makes this a reality. It doesn't matter where you go, you can have your ramp right there in seconds! This is a game changer for scooter riders across the globe. Whether you want to turn a local car park into an urban playground or simply practice in front of your house, Jumpack is as versatile as you are.


In its standard 3-stage format Jumpack is aggressive enough for any rider. But for less experienced riders or for situations that require a less aggressive kicker, sections can be quickly removed to produce smaller ramps with a lower take-off height. This makes Jumpack a 'one ramp fits all' product that can help new riders learn the art of getting air while also allowing more experienced riders to go crazy. It can even be reduced down to a 'Kerb Buster' format to allow you to get up that kerb without losing speed. Its built in suspension system ensures that however hard you hit it, it wont move from its position.

If you're serious about getting air, Jumpack is the only ramp you'll ever need.

 3 Stage 'Pro' Jumpack with GoPro Clip

3 Stage 'Pro' Jumpack with GoPro Clip