Get Air Anywhere ®

The World’s First Truly Portable Urban Assault Ramp.

For the first time in the history of extreme sports, we now have a lightweight jump ramp that can literally go everywhere we go! Developed over almost ten years by a team of skaters and BMX riders, the JUMPACK can be carried as a backpack, allowing the user to skate or ride to any destination and deploy a personal kicker in under 10 seconds!

JUMPACK is designed to change the way we view our surroundings, to create opportunities that did not exist before, to make the impossible possible.
To Get Air Anywhere

This portable ramp will change the way we see our surroundings.
— Jumpack


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John Hill

New York skate legend John Hill gets to grips with a Jumpack on the streets of New York. Can he make it slide?

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Customer Reviews

Denise B.

Nonstop fun - Easy to set up- great for Scooter and BMX tricks. You won’t regret this purchase!

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